Social Media Highlights – Birmingham Running Festival February 2020


Birmingham Running Festival February 2020

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Everyone's favourite number

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Another 10K event done this morning! I did the @runthroughuk #BirminghamRunningFestival and I'm feeling very proud of myself! This one was the hardest one I've done purely because of the inclines. Luckily enough, the weather held out and it was pretty decent. I was holding a pace of 6-7 minutes per kilometre and when I saw the finish line, I just exploded and went for it! I'm proud of myself and everyone who had taken part. We did amazing! I did this run for me because I wanted to set myself a target of doing at least three events (and I also wanted the medal, not going to lie!). However, I want to use this post as something else other than what I've achieved. I want to tell all of the people out there, like me, that you can do this too whether you jog slow or run fast! It doesn't matter about your size- what matters is your heart and determination to get shit done. So I dedicate this one to all the overweight people who, just like me, have been told they can't or won't be able to run because of their size. I say "bollocks to that" because I've just proved them wrong three times now and I'll keep proving them wrong until the day I die! This fatty can run! You've got this shit! Always try! #ThisFattysOnTheRun #DoingItForTheFatties #RunThroughUK

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Half Marathon? Smashed it mate. Now just to do the same thing every week and then again back to back on the 26th April 🤷🏻‍♂️ Steady race testing out my target marathon pace. My current aim is between 7:10 and 08:00 min/mile. Think I’m going to practice 7:20-8:00 in my next long runs. Definitely was an awakening experience climbing ‘Cardiac Hill’ 4 times! Really good atmosphere and well organised! Check out my Strava and see if you can spot the hill. #BirminghamRunningFestival #halfmarathon #suttonpark #BirminghamSwifts #londonmarathon2020 #londonmarathon2020training #alzheimersresearchuk #gayrunner #gayrunners #gayathlete #gayfitness #gayfit #lgbtrunner #gaysofinstagram #instarunning #marathontraining #alwaysontherun #ukrunchat #garmin #runnerslife #runnersofinsta #runhappy

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After vs Before my first 10KM race. Finishing time of 58:03, setting a new PB I’m super chuffed 😍😍 – Aside from ParkRun this was my first proper race with a medal and there were a lot of thoughts going through my head both in the run up to the race and during. – Should I wear make-up? What if I need the toilet? Should I be wearing a backpack? Will I need to refuel on the way around? – And I found out a lot of things as a result of this- My face got very hot from wearing make-up as I couldn’t sweat properly so I won’t be doing that again. I wasn’t desperate for the toilet thankfully, managed to hold it in until directly after finishing. And I’m going to try and look into purchasing a running bumbag for next time as the backpack seemed like unnecessary weight. – Refuelling with an energy sachet about 5.5km in was a bad mistake for me. I immediately felt really sluggish straight after and started feeling sick. Luckily the podcast I was listening to kept talking about how unproductive it is to start walking and how it won’t make you feel any better, so that just about kept me motivated to keep going! – I even had the energy stores to do a little sprint finish towards the end which shows there was probably a little more energy in the tank than I thought. It’s amazing how much stronger you are physically than you are mentally. Well, for me at least. I was ready to give up 100 times during that race but my legs never stopped and I’m just glad I had the mental strength to get to that finish line. – Was a lovely route even though I’m not a fan of doing laps- a couple of hilly bits (Hill right before the last straight was a bit challenging!) to keep things interesting. And all the volunteers and support was amazing. For first race vibes I’m thinking 10/10 would do again! Bring on the next challenge! 💪 🏃🏼‍♀️ 😊 ⠀ #birminghamrunningfestival #suttoncoldfield #suttonpark #10km #runnersofinstagram #instarunners #newpb

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